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Photographic Work by Jo Ann Chaus, Anna Matysiak, and Allyson Ely

Three Artist Exhibition

Conversations With Myself

Jo Ann Chaus

Conversations with Myself and Conversations Continued explores shifting notions of the self. The sense of time is not linear; the past intervenes and destabilizes the present. Vintage references, from objects to clothing, signal personal history and bring time forward. The mirror is a portal to a transitional space where the repetition of self-regard creates infinite possibility. The photographs are “still,” but the psyche is in motion.

In this work, the complexity of being a modern woman is explored. There is a sadness for what might have been otherwise, but a glory in experiencing what is possible through a radical engagement with oneself and the creative impulse.


Anna Matysiak

Anna Matysiak creates stories within her photography. Her work takes on a painterly point of view. In the process of preparing each photograph she creates a narrative, styles her models, as well as designing and sewing costumes. Anna is appreciated in global photography competitions, galleries, and by her peers.


An Uncommon Beauty

Allyson Ely

This series explores the vast interior space of a 135-foot high, working cement silo, located in Northern California.

I’m captivated by this world of shadows, dim light, unfamiliar machinery, and discarded equipment. This silo is a dark place ruled and made efficient by blowers, compressors, and pneumatic conveyors. Eerily silent, devoid of people and activity, it’s a world of mystery and poetry. The juxtaposition of the productive and the abandoned gives this place an otherworldly feeling.

These images reveal a world hidden for half a century, and celebrate the uncommon beauty of the interior spaces, equipment, and history of an industry essential to our economy.

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